The brand Kristilla was founded by the French Christilla Tamagnan, who fell in love with Mexico since her arrival in 2016. Agronomy engineer but also sewer and designer, she’s a lover of fashion, wives, and sustainable development.  Kristilla´s concept is to offer luxury garments with accessible price and a focus on social and environmental matters.

Christilla is born among French fashion culture, because of his mother and grandmother making great sewing works. This has been a natural source of inspiration for her, and the reason why she chose to start up in fashion sector.

For that reason she studied in the Italian fashion school Moda di Burgo located in Mexico City, to reach professionalism in this industry.

Her great expertise in pattern designing and dressmaking allowed her to concretize her passion through needles and threads in ready to wear lines as well as custom made dresses for special occasions, like gala or wedding.

In each piece of clothing of Kristilla’s Brand are reflected the femineity and elegance of a cosmopolitan woman, with awareness and desire of sustainable fashion.


Be a recognized Brand of clothes for women with a double stamp: feminine and elegant design on one side, and on the other side, engagement in sustainability.


Be a French design Brand with mexican inspiration, with the aim of creating a link between the clients and the manufacture people, offering job opportunities and motivating Smart and responsible fashion purchase.

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